Jewellery Findings

The company of Faor s.p.a. is specialised in the production of gold, silver and bronze jewellery findings for the creation of jewellery items.

Faor s.p.a. has become a well-established leader in this sector since 1978, producing large amounts of technically perfect findings.

The creative process starts in the technical department where our highly-qualified staff design the findings. The equipment most suitable for creating the products from these specific designs are put together in the machine workshop and the production process gets underway.

The use of specifically designed machines, combined with visual controls by skilled personnel, ensures that the gold, silver and bronze are transformed into impeccably fashioned findings for the assembly of jewellery.

The company's main goal is to fulfil its responsibility to create findings of the very highest quality at an industrial level by using the most advanced techniques available on the market.

This is how we are able to produce specific, flawless items that are both functional and beautiful, in large quantities and at competitive prices that will be ideal for fashioning imaginative and creative jewellery.

Faor s.p.a. also offers customers the option of a specialist service of polishing, decoration and colouring in a range of hues with a plated finish.

Each finding produced by Faor is completely "made in Italy" and is the result of continuous research that combines both a processing method that has been consolidated after years of experience and tireless experimentation in technologies that can be applied to the field of jewellery.